Saturday, April 23, 2011

MP-114 pre-configured BOARD.INI for Lync 2010

Looks like a small device like Audiocodes MP-114 is a hot topic here on The number is visits of the post about it prompts me to extend the subject and offer a pre-configured “BOARD.INI” file, which with small changes should be easy to deploy and save you time while building your lab.

There are few things to consider:

Just because it works in my lab, does not mean it will necessarily works out of the box in yours. I will explain later.

Pre-configured only means - “shortcut” for deployment. Reading and understanding Audiocodes terminology and concept is still necessary to complete the setup successfully.

Having said that, let’s start with the preconditions:
  1. This is configuration file for Audiocodes MP-114 with 2 FXS and 2 FXO ports. This means, ports 1 and 2 (FXS as marked on the back of the device) are to be connected to an analog phone, and ports 3 and 4 (FXO) to an analog telephone line.
  2. I have configured already two “Analog Phone Device” in my Lync server with phone numbers +14785551010 and +14785551020.
  3. The co-located Mediation server is configured to the defaults – port 5068 for TCP and 5067 for TLS.
  4. While adding the gateway in the Topology, the default gateway port for TCP – 5066 was used.
  5. Lastly, read carefully the rest before uploading the file to your MP-114. While it will not “break” it, making changes with understanding why doing so will make your experience less frustrating (else you will not be reading this to begin with).
Download and save the file form this location:

On your MP-114, go to Management -> Software Updates -> Configuration File; browse for the file you just downloaded and upload (Send INI File) it to the device.

Wait for the device to restart and prompt for login.

There are several changes you need to make now in order to use it in your environment.

Go to Configuration -> Protocol Configuration -> EndPoint Phone Number and change the phone numbers above to the numbers you have configured for Analog Device in your Lync Environment. Delete the values if you have not configured Analog device. As of how to configure Analog Device Support, refer to this post:

Go to Configuration -> Protocol Configuration -> Endpoint Settings -> Automatic Dialing and change the values to phone number in your Lync environment. This number can be user’s, RGS, Auto Attendant; basically a valid Lync number.

Go to Configuration -> Protocol Configuration -> Proxies, Registration, IP Groups -> Proxy Sets Table and replace the current value with your Lync co-located or Standalone Mediation FQDN:port number.

Go to Configuration->Network Settings->Application Settings and enter the IP address of your DNS internal DNS Server.

Next step – number Manipulation. This is the most complicated part and requires understanding of number manipulation in PSTN world.

Go to Configuration -> Protocol Configuration ->Dest Number IP -> Tel and… this gets tricky as it could.
Let’s talk about Milledgeville, Georgia. The local PSTN service provider requires local calls to be dialed as 7 digits. Any other number of digits causes the call to fail. Lync, however, sends E.164 to the gateway. So, for local calls, I need to “manipulate” the number i.e. leave the last 7 digits only and send them to Windstream. On other hand, here we have several NXX… 

 Little side note – the PSTN format is NPA-NXX-xxxx or AreaCode-Exchange-Extension. This is how Ma Bell knew where to send the call years back. Magic…

So, Milledgeville’s NPA is 478 and several NXX – 387,452,453,454,357 and so on. In order to “recognize” if the call is local or outside the Local Calling Area, I need to build a rules to do so. Look the example:

  1. On line 1 and capture all calls the begins with 1478378 and remove 4 digits on front, so 387xxxx will be send to the PSTN as local call.
  2. On line 2 I do so for numbers beginning with 1478452. I will need to do so for all NXX in my area.
  3. On line 3 I have a rule to catch E.164 number (if one sneaks in somehow) and remove + from front
  4. And on line 4, a general rule that sends everything else as it is i.e. number that DOES NOT start with 1478 and it is outside my Local Calling Area.
One more step and we’re done.

Go to Configuration -> Protocol Configuration -> Routing Tables -> IP to Trunk Group Routing
  1. The first line tells MP to route call for 14785551010 (the Analog Phone on FSO port 1) to… port #1. So, replace this number with the phone number you configured in Lync. Remove the value if you have not.
  2. Second line is same (applies to the second Analog Phone)
  3. Line #3 tells MP to send any other number to Trunk group #3 (which includes our FXS ports) and so, any call for number different from Analog Phone #1 or #2 will be send to PSTN (after manipulation).
This is it. Burn the changes and test your new configuration.

Let me know if I missed a step or something does not work as expected.


seamvp said...

Hi can i get your email. i need some help on configureing MP 118 with lync. i followed all ur steps and i think i got most of it right. when i call from outside it rings and the call is recived from mp-118 but its not transferd to lync. when i dial land line from lync clinet it connect. im not sure what is missing. any help will be really appriciated

Drago said...


I am sorry for the late reply - I was away for few days. Please email me here: temp2 at and we will go from there.

ecalonllc said...

Hi, i was looking to try to get this to work when an MP-114, but i see i must have the model with FXO ports. is this true in the sense i cannot use the MP-114 4FXS model with Lync just for calling?

Drago said...

FXS (Foreign eXchange Subscriber interface) connects the gateway to the PSTN world. FXO (Foreign eXchange Office interface) connects the gateway to analog devices. Connection to Lync server itself does not depends of the number (or lack of thereof) of FXS and FXO ports.

2FXS+2FXO model only means that we can have two PSTN numbers and 2 analog devices used with Lync server. Gateway with 4FXO ports could be used to provision four analog devices in Lync, but no PSTN connectivity.

The reason I selected to publish the above .ini file is because it is sort of universal. If you import it in to a 4FXS port device, the FXO settings will be ignored, but still FXS – respected. Same applies to 4FXO port device.

Matt said...


Tried to load your configuration on to a MP-114 with the 6.20 firmware and it looks like it lost its IP. Couldn't connect and had to do a factory reset. Do you have any detail write up of the different configuration steps that you went through in order to configure the MP-114 and get the board.ini that you have posted?


Drago said...

Firmware 6.20 is indeed a lot different in meaning of logically grouping features on the menus. I have not tried to load the .ini file directly to 6.20 but have upgraded to 6.20 from previous version while the posted .ini file was loaded.

I am currently out of time to test your scenario but… as a quick workaround you could downgrade the FW, load the file, make the configuration changes and upgrade to 6.20 for better manageability.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone who tried to use AudioCodes/4FXS with cisco Callmanager 8.0 ???

Christian said...

Sorry, I'm new to Lync. I'm used to Broadsoft and other VoIP systems.

I am trying to deploy a few ATAs and/or IP phones into home offices. They would communicate with my Lync server over the public net. The home offices are DHCP and of course the ATAs and IP phones are too. From all the excellent instruction I am reading, I don't see any way to configure an ATA (PSTN Gateway) like an MP114 or HT502 with DHCP to communicate with my Lync server.

Am I to assume that a prerequisite to having a remote ATA is that it must have a static IP?

Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

HI, my understanding is for MP-1xx media gateway FXO connection is to connect the PSTN world, and FXS is to connect the analog devices because FXS sends electronic currents to the FXO. If our network has a MP-118 connecting only to the PSTN without any analog phones or faxes, then we need to choose FXO connection types rather than FXS. Is this correct?

Drago said...

Here is one good explanation of differences between FXO and FXS -
If you intend to connect POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines to the gateway, you need FXS ports, since "FXS - Foreign eXchange Subscriber interface delivers POTS service from the local phone company’s Central Office (CO) to the device" (gateway in this case).

Fr33k² said...

Hi Drago, great blog! I'm having an issue with transferring calls to Lync using an MP-118 FXS_FXO with firmware version 5.80A.023.006. I can call from Lync to a phone connected on an FXS port and vice-versa and can also transfer calls between FXS phones and even to the PSTN, the problem is that when i try to transfer from an FXS phone to a Lync user i get "405 Method Not Supported". Is this impossible using this gateway? I've seen another of your posts elsewhere related to turning off "Media Bypass" but i did not find anything like that on the MP's manual. Am i out of luck? This was actually pretty much the whole point of me setting up this integration.


Anonymous said...

hi Drago,

Great blog! I have the MP202 and menus are different.

I followed the AudioCodes manual but I can not make calls.

Could you help me.

Thank you.

My name: Alessandro Proenca

Drago said...


I do not have MP-202 on hand to test and post config file. However, looking the manual, seems like it will work with Lync (it does support SIP over TCP).

Anonymous said...

Hi again!

No success to connect, I have a doubt, the MP202 must have register on lync server?

Do I need configure the normalization numbers in sip trunk?

If you prefer I can send mail with configuration and screenshots

Alessandro Proenca

Drago said...

Email me. temp2 at

Unknown said...

Hi Drago,

How are you, greetings from turkey istanbul

I have some questions, I believe that you could help me.

My aim is to connect calls from analog line to lync users, and the opposite.
My enviroment is lync 2013 with mediant 800 pstn gateway. I connect my analog line to FXO port 1.
Before mediant 800 I configured mp 118 with 3cx without any problem.
While configuring mediant 800 I noticed that some important configuration places are missing like endpoint number and hunt group. There something like trunk group.
I am sending you the board ini file, maybe this issue related to software lisencing missing?

When I call lync-->TEL
lync says sip 404 not found.
mediant says no endpoint number found.
When I call TEL -->Lync
mediant says:
Failed to allocate Media IP and ports
HandleCoreSetupEV : Failure in allocating media IPs, reject the call

I wish you to check my ini file and give comments&thoughts about it.

Best wishes,

bob said...

Great post!

I have an MP118 running with Lync 2013. I have run wireshark on my SE server and I am not even connecting to the Mp118 in my traces. OCS Logger reads that the gateway did not respond. Any ideas? Can I send you the ini file?


Unknown said...

Hi, do you still have the config file available? The link isnt working anymore.

Drago said...

Link updated.

Unknown said...

Hi Im trying to connect a MP-112 to Lync 2013.

I can place a call from a landline, to my analog lyncnumber and it rings in the "analog" phone on the mp-112, but there is no sound.

And also, when Im trying to make a call from the phone, it dos not go out thrue the other PSTN gatway in lync. So the call never connects.

What could be wrong? (many things) =)

Would really appriciate help from anyone..

Best regards Clas

tom said...

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Miya Williams said...

Hey thanks for the post. My team think

We are trying to get our Lync server set up to dial out via an anudiocodes MP114 gateway with 4 FXO ports.

The server can make calls internally. I.E. Lync client to Lync client.

We cannot make any inbound pstn and outbound pstn calls.

Has anyone configured one of these devices? Not the 2fxo/2fxs versions?

We have found all kinds of information for configuring those (which contradict each other for configuration)

We simply want to be able to use the audiocodes gateways with Lync and analog phone lines for external calls.

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