Saturday, April 23, 2011

MP-124 pre-configured BOARD.INI for Lync 2010

Here is a pre-configured BOARD.INI for Audiocodes MP-124. This one is way more tricky… It is from working device already integrated with Lync 2010. Unfortunately, I do not have a device in hand right now and so, no screenshots this time.

Software Version: 5.80A.023.006. Because version 6.x introduced a lot of changes, I would advise to downgrade the device to 5.8, import the configuration file, complete the configuration to where it works with Lync and then upgrade to 6.x to get some more features and new web interface. However, importing this file on 6.x could work just fine. I just cannot promise anything… I would, if I was running for a president…

The changes you need to make are same as in the previous post about MP-114.


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