Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lync 2010 Deployment Guide (Verifying Edge functionality)

To check our Edge functionality, first we must enable at least one account for External Access and Federation.

In Lync Control Panel, we will modify the Global External Access Policy:


***Since this is a Lab, I will not enable “Communications with Public Users”.

Next, I will modify the Access Edge Configuration to enable Federation and Remote user Access.

Because I modified the Global policies, my two test users are now automatically enabled for External access and Federation.

I will not cover the networking side – this is job for the network admin. However, there are few things to remember:

1.       We elected to use single public IP address. Because of this, our SRV records must be as follow:
a. pointing on port 5061
b. pointing to on port 5061

At this point, our external clients will now how to discover our edge and sign in and our partners how to discover and federate.

Let’s check what will say:

Because this all test were successful, let’s try to establish IM session with federated partner:

…start desktop sharing…

…start an audio call from within this session...

…and also add video.

All basic functions on our Edge are now verified and I have to think what would be the next post...

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