Monday, March 7, 2011

Lync 2010 Deployment Guide (Installing Lync Roles)

To install Lync roles, certificates and activate services we will user Deployment Wizard.

We will begin by installing “Local Configuration Store”

Next step – “Setup or Remove Lync Server Components”

Time to “Request, Install and Assign Certificates”

I will use my internal Certificate Authority and so, will send the request immediately

I am logged with Domain Admin credentials and don’t have to specify alternative credentials.

I will give friendly name “Home_Office_Pool_Internal” for easy identification later and also mark the private key as exportable – might come handy later for tracing… you never know.

On the last screen, just before the request is send, we see the SN and SAN’s if the future certificate. Something is missing here, isn’t it?

…and here we go.

Our Certificate Request was completed successfully...

…and must be now assigned.

What left now is – to start the services.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Let see what we have done so far…


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