Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lync 2010 Deployment Guide (Some DNS entries first)

Now time for some DNS work.

It is obvious that we (yet) don’t have any A records for our simple URL’s and those must be created manually:

We now have those in our DNS.

Next step is to create SRV record for our Lync Registrar:

Indeed, our Lync clients will now know where to find the registrar.

We can now move on to the next step and actually install Lync Server Roles.

***I must note - in this case I read the manual as southern baptist - the New Testament.As to why we will have problem - will discuss it later.


Unknown said...

Ah, manually creating A records. Definitely one of my favorite pastimes ;)

Fred |

chamjisky said...

i have deployed lync 2010 in virtual lab also deployed enterprise voice and confrencing but i cannot sign in to lync using my android. android is on same subnet and dns in my android is the one that is the DNS in my environment. its one same subnet as the lync server itself.

i am using certificates generated by own ca .. can lync support sign in on android with enterprise ca which is not in andorid trusted root certs authorities ?