Monday, May 9, 2011

Location Information - Lync 2010

While LIS (Location Information Service) is designed mainly to support E911 (Enhanced 911 services), and I don’t have one, I will try to make the best of it in lab environment.

I will test by logging in from a PC on subnet and from my laptop, connected via Wireless Access Point on the same subnet.I will follow the directions form Technet found here:

First, I will set my Wired Subnet and populate the variables by executing:

Set-CsLisSubnet -Subnet -City “Southern City” -CompanyName “My Company” -Country US -Description “Wired LAN” -HouseNumber 100 -HouseNumberSuffix “” -Location “My Wired LAN” -PostalCode 99999 -PostDirectional “” -PreDirectional “” -State GA -StreetName “My Street” -StreetSuffix Str. -WhatIf

***Note the “WhatIf” parameter. With so much typing, errors are quite possible and I want to check if the cmdlet will be executed.

Looks good and I will run it without “WhatIf” switch.

Next, I will set my Wireless Access Point:

Set-CsLisWirelessAccessPoint -BSSID 00-23-04-6e-80-e0 -City “Southern City” -CompanyName “My Company” -Country US -Description “Wireless AP” -HouseNumber 100 -HouseNumberSuffix “” -Location “My Wireless AP” -PostalCode 99999 -PostDirectional “” -PreDirectional “” -State GA -StreetName “My Street” -StreetSuffix Str.

Because this is “just for fun” configuration, I will publish the LIS Configuration (publish-CsLisConfiguration)

After replication, I logged from both PC and laptop and... the test was successful.

Of course, this is quick touch on the subject. LIS has tons of features and reading and understanding how it works and possible implications is highly advisable.


Jonas Mellquist said...

Hi Drago - first of all thank you for a well written blog. Have gained a lot of knowledge from your articles..

Two questions comes to mind about LIS:

1: Is it possible to test new LIS configurations when logging on via the Edge Access Server - in other words - can I test this on my own user logging on as a remote user?

2: The "What's happening today" seems to take priority over the "location" attribute in the Lync Client.. Is there a hack/registry key that prohibits users from filling out the "What's happening today" line or even better, removes it all together?

Drago said...


The LIS is designed to work with "local" subnets ony. Because of this, users coming from the Edge cannot be captured by LIS, since they are coming via Public IP.

In regards of "What's happening today" - I am not aware of way to turn of this feature. The only option would be to write your own client, or so I have been told...

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