Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lync 2010 CU4 is out

Hurray, the long anticipated Cumulative Update is out. You can download it here: Of course, I would recommend to use LyncServerUpdateInstaller.exe, unless you have special reason to omit some role update.

Description of the fixes can be found here:

Now, was I disappointed Mobility was not included in this package – not really. I do believe, however, that Cumulative Update 4 introduces the changes necessary to support mobility. I am facing the fact Mobility is not yet available philosophically – “It will be ready when it is ready”.

Lync is now an enterprise grade system and we should no longer expect something that will require “fixing” right away. Like I always said “Patience is a virtue” ...especially when comes to dial tone...


Anonymous said...


Does CU4 (or even CU3) correct the SIP OPTIONS problem that causes gateways to get flagged as down after the release of CU2 in April?


Drago said...

I would not call disabling a unresponsive gateway “a Lync problem). This functionality was introduced to enhance the routing and the fact someone might use gateway or sip trunk provider that does not support SIP OPTIONS does not makes Lync “broken” somehow.

The KB ( did not mention about such change. However, I tested the scenario while ago and it appears that the behavior was change once again. The gateway was disconnected from the network and of course, an even was registered – “There was no response from a gateway to an OPTIONS request sent by the Mediation Server.” After five consecutive failures, the ne even was “The Gateway peer cannot be contacted. Mediation server will keep trying; however additional failures will not be logged.” There was no event “The gateway is marked as down”

Ten minutes later the gateway was connected back to the network and approximately one minute later, Lync server sent and received response to OPTIONS request. For me, this means that marking the gateway as “Down” and furthermore disabling the routing was removed.

Of course, this is just an experiment in the lab. Without statement from Microsoft, once should proceed with caution before introducing non-certified devices and/or providers to the environment.

Anonymous said...

Drago ...

thanks for the reply, I am wondering if my issues is not gateway at all.

We have a Lync server connected to Level3. After a period of time working, the server stops receiving calls (more specifically, the caller gets a fast busy). At this same time I can make a call from my client without issue.

Then after some time passes the server starts acting properly again. This cycle will repeat itself throughout the day.

In your opinion, are these symptoms of a downed gateway, or of something else?


Drago said...

I would look for Event 25051 and 25061 in the Lync Event log. If you see those, this would indicate Level3 did not respond to Options request send from the Mediation server.

Also, you might want to start Wireshark at the point where call flow stops (inbound), filter SIP traffic and examine the call setup. Fast busy is usually associated with “503 Service Unavailable” SIP message. Look for obvious reason (malformed number format for example) send in the Invite request.

Izual_Yang said...

Installed CU4 and the same SIP OPTIONS problem as CU2.
Switched back to old 4.0.7577.0 version of Microsoft.RTC.MediationServerCore.dll.

Any workaround for CU2 or later, that prevents lync mediation server from marking the gateway as down?

Drago said...

I am not aware if a workaround and furthermore any plans to change this behavior in near future.

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