Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lync 2010 Deployment Guide (Before we start Topology Buider)

With Lync, Microsoft introduced many new concepts in functionality, topology and terminology. As always, the best practice for the Network/Lync administrator would be to get familiar with the Lync Server documentation published on TechNet: If you accept advices, here is one: NEVER blindly trust ANY guide out there (including this one ) While those might be correct for THEIR particular case, we all know - there are no two environments with the exact same layout and specifics. Always have in mind what have you see here and compare to your environment before click “Next”…

We are now ready to proceed with the installation. As I said earlier, I am planning to install Lync Standard Edition Server which consists of:

 -A collocated SQL Server database
 -A collocated Mediation Server and collocated A/V Conferencing Server on the Standard Edition server

Let’s start by running Setup from our installation media. Because we already installed all prerequisites, the startup screen appears (almost) immediately. Leave the default “Installation Location” and click “Install”. This step will install the Core Components necessary for the Deployment Wizard to run.

Accept the license agreement and click OK. Wait until the Core Components are installed and Deployment Wizard appear.

***Note the check mark in “Prepare Active Directory” section:

…this is because in the previous step we have completed it successfully. Fact is – you cannot proceed with the installation if this condition was not satisfied.

First, Install “Topology Builder”. This is the “wizard-driven user interface that you use to create and edit your Microsoft Lync Server 2010 topology” as per TechNet description (but of course you already know that… if you followed my advice above and spent quality time with the documentationJ)

***If you are planning to run Lync in mixed OCS/Lync environment (which we will not do in this guide), now is a good time to install “Microsoft Lync Server 2010, WMI Backwards Compatibility” utility (OCSWMIBC.msi), found in the installation media, for example:” D:\Setup\amd64\Setup”.

 If, however, this is new Lync install in a lab and OCs is not present, skip this step.

Because THIS server will be our first Lync Server in the deployment, we must run “Prepare first Standard Edition Server” task form the Deployment Wizard. This will prepare the SQL storage for our Central Management Store. CMS description can be found here:

***As you can see, the Wizard installs SQL 2008 Express edition which will hold our Lync deployment configuration (hence “Central Management Store”). Be patient and do not fiddle with your server while installing. Now is a good time to grab a beer, have a smoke or whatever your vice is…

Once again my heart is full with joy - “Task status: Completed.”

Next we will run Topology Builder for first time and begin to build our first server… late next week. My lovely wife calling me to help her packing for our trip to Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando. It never stop amazes me how big her shoe collection is… Sometime I think Imelda Marcos finally found a match…

Meanwhile, watch the "First run videos":